Peter Zhukov Arrested for Drunken Bashing in London.

The jury Sautvork District Court in London on Wednesday found guilty Peter Zhukov of causing grievous bodily harm during drunken brawl. The son of Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister was jailed for attacking a fellow investment banker in a drunken brawl at a party in London’s East End, East London Advertiser reported May 1.

Peter Zhukov, 24, son of top Russian official and chess master Alexander Zhukov attacked 25-year-old Ben Ramsey who tried to gatecrash the party in a flat at Albany Court in Whitechapel, but ended up needing 20 stitches to his lip and five to his cheek.
Police found Ramsey on the pavement outside the building covered in blood after he had been punched repeatedly by Zhukov and another Russian, an amateur boxer who owns the flat (Artiom Dashko).

The incident has happened just weeks after Zhukov was in a similar incident with a London taxi-driver.
The politician’s son was convicted of unlawful wounding which carries a maximum five-year jail term. Zhukov could also be deported.

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